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At Amanah Islamic Finance, we believe in simplifying the financing process for you. To kickstart your journey, we will conduct an initial pre-assessment to determine your eligibility and the financing amount we can offer. Rest assured; the information you provide here will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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Begin your pre-assessment and let us guide you on the path to Shariah-compliant financing.

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Our dedicated finance executive will take the reins and prepare your application for submission. To ensure a seamless process, we will request specific information tailored to your unique circumstances.

As part of the application, we may require supporting documents to validate your income, deposit or equity, assets, and liabilities. These may include details of current mortgages, car loans, credit cards, and more. Rest assured that the requested information will be carefully reviewed to present a comprehensive application on your behalf.

At Amanah Islamic Finance, we understand that every individua's financial situation is distinct. Our team is committed to providing a personalised approach, ensuring that the information we request aligns with your specific needs.

Together, we will navigate the application process smoothly, bringing you one step closer to securing your desired financing. Get ready to provide the necessary documents as requested by our finance executive and let us pave the way for your financial success.

Get ready for an exciting milestone on your Shariah compliant journey! Upon review, we will issue a conditional approval, offering you an estimate of the financing amount we may provide. Please note that this approval is subject to certain conditions, which may include a satisfactory valuation conducted by an independent valuer. Rest assured, our aim is to ensure a comprehensive and transparent process as we work together to secure your Shariah compliant financial future. Brace yourself for the possibilities as conditional approval paves the way for your dreams to become a reality.

Before taking the plunge and making an offer on a property, it's crucial to seek guidance from your trusted lawyer. Remember, cancelling a sale after committing could potentially result in costly consequences. If you're considering making an offer at a private sale, ensure your lawyer includes a "subject to finance" clause, allowing for a dedicated period to secure necessary financing. Alternatively, when participating in an auction, be aware that your legal obligations may bind you to proceed with the purchase. Prioritise legal consultation to protect your interests throughout the property acquisition process.

At Amanah Islamic Finance, we strive to ensure a smooth and efficient journey towards final approval. Once you provide us with a valid contract of sale, we promptly order a comprehensive property valuation. For refinancing applications, the valuation is initiated immediately upon receiving your Conditional Approval. Rest assured; our dedicated team works diligently to provide you with a Final Approval within just 3 business days following a successful valuation. As soon as Final Approval is granted, our experienced lawyers will swiftly prepare and issue the necessary legal documents, ensuring a seamless transition to the next stage of your Shariah compliant financing journey.

Once your settlement is complete, gain exclusive access to our user-friendly online portal.Designed with your convenience and security in mind, our portal allows you to effortlessly handle your financial matters. Seamlessly pay bills, conveniently view your account balance and transaction history, and effortlessly make transfers and redraws at your fingertips. With our secure and intuitive online platform, managing your finances has never been easier. Experience the convenience and control you deserve with our feature-rich online portal, empowering you to stay in charge of your Shariah compliant financial journey.

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