Our Team


Asad Ansari

Co-Founder, Advisory Board

Asad is one of the founders of Amanah and chairs its advisory board. He is a Melbourne based lawyer and finance professional with more than 20 years of experience as an adviser to some of the world’s largest Islamic banks and Shariah compliant funds in the South East Asian region and the Middle East. He has advised these institutions on more than $1 Billion of successfully implemented Australian Islamic finance transactions.

He is currently a Director in the international accounting firm, Deloitte in their Financial Services and Investment group and also served as a Special Counsel in the firm’s legal practice, Deloitte Lawyers.

He has held senior appointments with the Islamic bank, Kuwait Finance House and Australian top tier law firm, King and Wood Mallesons.

Asad was appointed to the expert panel of the Australian government’s review of the Australian taxation impact of Islamic finance. He has also been an advocate for the Australian Islamic finance industry through his appointments to various working groups of the Australian Financial Markets Association and Financial Services Council.

Asad is currently Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Museum of Australia.


Waqar Mirza JP

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Waqar is a founder and Executive Director of Amanah. He has had many years of experience in Islamic finance working with some of the world’s leading Islamic finance scholars to find solutions for the Australian Muslim community which includes the development of innovative home finance and investment products.

As an experienced Australian mortgage manager he has managed the origination and servicing of more than $400 Million of Islamic home finance from credit assessment to settlement and through to the life of the finance.

This depth of experience has seen him work with leading Australian financial institutions in the development of procedures and guidelines for new home mortgage products that would meet credit requirements, consumer credit laws and most importantly, Shariah compliance.

He has deep links into the Australian Muslim community and passionately believes in delivering financial solutions to our community that are consistent with their Islamic faith.

Waqar manages Amanah’s operations and leads its team of finance professionals.

He is Amanah’s Responsible Manager under its Australian Credit Licence.

Imam Uzair Akbar


Iman Uzair has been the Imam of Holland Park Mosque for the last 20 years. He is a dynamic advocate for the Muslim community in Australia and has appeared in many public forums which includes the media and government. Imam Uzair has a very close relationship with the eminent Islamic finance scholar Justice (ret.) Mufti Taqi Usmani having hosted him to Australia on a number of occasions.

Imam Uzair’s role as the Head of Internal Shariah Supervisory is to liaise with AIFA’s Shariah Supervisory Board.