We would like to announce a recent update to Amanah’s Shariah board. Dr. Imran Usmani is no longer on our Shariah board. We thank him for his support and guidance over the last few years. We will continue to provide our customers with the highest standards of Shariah compliance and our commitment to that remains. The respected Shariah scholars at Amanie Advisers who operate within AAOIFI standards will continue their compliance and audit of all of Amanah’s activities which they have been undertaking for the past two years. We are also working closely with local scholars Australia-wide and Amanah is currently the only Islamic finance institution endorsed by the Board of Imam’s Victoria (the state representative of the Australian National Imams Council).

Shariah Scholars


Mufti Dr Muhammed Imran Usmani s/o Justice (ret) Sheikh Mufti Taqi Usmani


Dr Imran Usmani holds an LLB, M.Phil., and PhD In Islamic finance and graduated as a scholar with specialisation (takhassus) in islamic fiqh and fatwa from Jamia Darul-Uloom, Karachi. He has published widely on the topic and his text “Meezan bank’s guide to Islamic finance” is regarded widely in the Islamic finance industry as an authoritative handbook of Islamic finance. Dr Usmani has served as an advisor / member of shariah boards of renowned institutions since 1997 which includes the state bank of Pakistan, HSBC – Amanah finance, UBS – Switzerland, guidance financial group USA, Lloyds TSB bank – UK, Japan bank for international cooperation (JABIC), credit suisse Switzerland, RBS global, old mutual albarakah equity & balanced funds South Africa, AIG takaful, ACR retakaful Malaysia, Capitas group USA, bank of London and middle east Kuwait, BMI bank Bahrain, Al Khaliji bank Qatar, Sarasin bank Switzerland, DCD group Dubai and other mutual and property funds, takaful companies and international sukuk etc. He is also an executive committee member of (AAOIFI) Dubai and shariah supervisory board of international Islamic financial market (IIFM) Bahrain and international center for education in Islamic finance (INCEIF) Malaysia, institute of business administration (IBA), Karachi and center for Islamic economics (CIE), Karachi.

Mufti Najeeb Khan

Shariah Coordinator
(Internal Audit and Compliance)

Mufti Najeeb Khan is an expert on Islamic finance and in his role as Shariah Coordinator he is responsible for internal audit and compliance to ensure all of Amanah’s contracts and procedures have been implemented in a manner consistent with their initial endorsement by the Shariah board.
He reviews and audits every contract that is executed by Amanah and provides an independent report on Amanah’s compliance with Shariah principles.
He originally completed his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Justice (ret) Mufti Taqi Usmani who subsequently appointed him as Principal of Hira Foundation, an educational institution which is part of Darul Uloom Karachi.Specialising in the Islamic jurisprudence of Islamic Finance he was required to gain an in depth knowledge of more than 350 Shariah rulings in different Islamic fields which provides him with the requisite qualifications to provide rulings on Islamic finance under the strict criteria of Darul Uloom Karachi under the governance of Mufti Taqi Usmani.He is a recognised as a leading expert in Islamic finance and his appointments have included:
  • State Bank of Pakistan, Shariah Committee
  • Securities Exchange Pakistan, Shariah Committee
  • AAOIFI standing committee member for Pakistan
  • Hira Foundation, Principal
  • Summit Bank, Shariah Board
  • UBL Fund Managers, Shariah Board
  • Pak Oman Islamic Fund, Shariah Board
  • Habib Bank, Shariah Adviser

The Respected Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board Scholars Provide Certification and Internal Shariah Compliance and Audit Services

Dr Mohamed Ali Elgari – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr Mohamed Ali Elgari is a professor of Islamic economics and the former director of the centre for research in Islamic economics at king Abdul Aziz university in Saudi Arabia. Dr Ali Elgari is an advisor to several Islamic financial institutions throughout the world and is also on the shariah board of the dow jones Islamic index. He is also a member of the Islamic fiqh academy as well as the Islamic accounting & auditing organisation for Islamic financial institution (AAIOFI). Dr Elgari has written several books on Islamic banking. He graduated from the university of California with a PhD In economics.

Dr Mohd Daud Bakar – Malaysia

Dr Mohd Daud Bakar received his first degree in shariah from university of Kuwait in 1988 and obtained his PhD From university of st’ Andrews, United Kingdom in 1993. In 2002, he went on to complete his external bachelor of jurisprudence at university of Malaya. He is currently the chairman of the shariah advisory council at the central bank of Malaysia, the securities commission of Malaysia and the shariah supervisory board of the international Islamic liquidity management corporation (IILM). Dr Bakar has published a number of articles in various academic journals and has made many presentations in various conferences both local and overseas. Dr Bakar was previously the deputy vice- chancellor at the international Islamic university Malaysia. Dr Mohd Daud Bakar is a shariah board member of dow jones Islamic market index (New York), muzn Islamic banking (the national bank of Oman), financial guidance (USA), BNP Paribas (Bahrain), Morgan Stanley (Dubai), Bank al Khair (Bahrain), Bank of London and middle east (London), Noor bank (Dubai), Islamic bank of Asia (Singapore), and in other financial institutions.

Dr Muhammad Amin Ali Qattan – Kuwait

Dr Qattan has a PhD In Islamic banking from Birmingham university and is himself a lecturer as well as a prolific author of texts and articles on Islamic economics and finance. He is currently the director of Islamic economics unit, centre of excellence in management at Kuwait university. Dr Qattan also serves as the shariah advisor to many reputable institutions such as ratings intelligence, standard & poors shariah indices, al fajer retakaful amongst others. He is a highly regarded shariah scholar and is based in Kuwait.

Dr Osama Al Dereai – Qatar

Dr Osama Al Dereai is a shariah scholar based in Qatar. He has extensive experience in teaching, consulting and research in the field of Islamic finance. He received his bachelor’s degree specialising in the science of hadeth al sharef from the prestigious Islamic university of Madinah. Dr Al Dereai obtained his masters degree from the international Islamic university (Malaysia) and was later conferred his doctorate in Islamic transactions from the university of Malaya. Dr Al Dereai is a shariah board member of various financial institutions which include the first leasing company, Barwa bank, first investment company and Ghanim Al Saad group of companies amongst others.